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hello hello hello.

                              comment to be added.

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That banner is so fucking awesome! I'm already on your list, but I just HAD to comment on your banner

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Haha, thank you :)

*hint* another good reason to start reading Kuroshitsuji *hint*

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Hey there. I can add you?

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Of course :)

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I fell in love with your Jungmin icon &
the gif made me happy with Shindong.

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I just realized that I comment on like.... idk... EVERYTHING you post at the jungminaday place and ss501 community. and then I realized that you're not on my friend list yet!! what's up with that? :O so I figured it was bout time. =] I'm Nicki, btw.

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Sure, I could always use more SS501 fans on my f-list :)

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hi, can we be friends? (:

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Hey I stumled upon your journal from the SS501 comm. Y-your banner nearly killed me! Which chapter of Kuro is it from? *nosebleeds*

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I don't remember the exact chapter, but it's the part when Sebastian and Ciel finds out that that Beast and the others have prosthetic limbs :D

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(deleted comment)

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Lol, no problem. Nice to meet you :)

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so i herd u liek SS501, the SM boyband trio, kfashion, and stuff [lol]. Add? :'D;;

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Sure :D

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Added you alr. :p add me back. lmao

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Haha, sure?
(deleted comment)

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Go ahead :D

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We're following eachother on tumblr, I'm gyuri ( over there.

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added you from the friending meme :D

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Hey boo.

It's your homegirl from Twitter, hp_groupie.

Add me here too?

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Of course, haha. I was under the impression you were already on my f-list :D

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Hello! Saw you posting in SS501 community and i think we will have the common interest!
Be friends!?!?! :DD
I'll love to ! ^^

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can i friend you?*puppy eyes*

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Hi. I recognize your username from BA while I was profile jumping in LJ.

Mind if I add you? :)

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Just out of curiosity, what was your username on BA?

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Hi! I totally stumbled upon your journal from omona, having seen you around and uh, your icon is pretty. ♥
You probably have no idea who I am, but I noticed you mentioned TOK in one of your posts. Are you in IB?
If you aren't, then I am totally made of fail and please don't mind me. Just thought it would be mind-blowing, what with fandom and IB...meeting. xD

Wanna be friends? :D

[identity profile] 2010-02-13 11:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Haha, thank you, and yes, I am in IB.

Sure :D

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Hi! I am from the SM Town meme. LJ never notified me that you replied to me. I added you.

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Hello, you've been added :D
krissasaur: (Stock ♥ Coffee Gear)

[personal profile] krissasaur 2010-03-20 02:27 pm (UTC)(link)
just a note to say i added you :D

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hay gurl hay. friend me again? it was.. temporary lol ;_;

[identity profile] 2010-04-01 06:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Lol, no problem.

creeperly creepington

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>:) jk, permission to keep you? since i skipped the 'asking first' part XD
sorry, not good at following directions~

Re: creeperly creepington

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Haha, sure xD

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Just thought I would drop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY =D

Image (

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Thank you XD

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krissasaur: (Default)

[personal profile] krissasaur 2010-06-27 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
add me back? lj deleted everyone from my flist :(

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Sure :D
ext_246082: (Default)

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Hey! I think I added you a while ago and forgot to comment D:

I'm Cathy! ^^ /kitschful on twitter as well haha

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I didn't realize I didn't have you added on here, I'll go change that now D:

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