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/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

This post started off as a lot of different things. But then, in the end, I realized I didn't really care about any of those things, so it's now it's more or less just a post about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (also known by the name of Puella Magi Madoka Magica), and why I think you should be watching it. So without further ado...


1. It's badass.
Whatever you do, try not to judge the show based on the opening theme, or the cute character designs. Yes, it is a magical girl anime, so there is still that aspect of the majority of the characters on the show being between the ages of 12-14. But overlook that.

If anything, if you really wanted to get a grasp of what the show might be like without watching any of it beforehand, try checking out the ending theme for the anime. It's a little more fitting.

2. It's pretty.

I can't call myself a good judge of what good animation looks like, but I think Mahou Shoujo Madoka would easily fit into that category. It's interesting, it's not irritating, and personally, I didn't think it was wtf random, as SHAFT can be at times.

3. There is a cool mom and cute animals, what more do you want!!!? 

Madoka's mom is awesome. She's a workaholic who offers Madoka sage advice (occasionally downing glasses of alcohol while doing so). I think it's cool that this show managed to maintain such a close-knit relationship between Madoka and her mother, on top of all else that happens in this show. And Kyubey. He has his own appeal.

4. The plot is interesting
Yes, this should be the main point of this post, but I figured that was a given considering the amount of time I am clearly investing to talk about this show right now. But anyway, let me emphasize. Yes, this show actually has a plot. YES, THIS PLOT IS GOOD.

So anyway, go watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica now, yes? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

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Hmm I saw Miyona's sig on BA with that little white cat(?) and I was wondering where it was from. I might give this a try though.

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YES, go watch it, you won't regret it.

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i do like magical girl anime////////

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You must, it's so good ajshdjasd ;___; JUST LOOK AT THIS FACE

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Oooh this looks interesting
the last time I watched a girl anime was...Fruits Basket

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I definitely recommend giving this a shot. It's not a very ~girly~ anime, but it's very good.

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i actually started to watch this with my roommate but after the third episode, we got so busy with school, we just forgot about it.

does it pick up in episode three because he doesn't like the ~moe stuff and... i'm tired of hearing the guys ragging on me about how ~bad my tastes are.

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To put it pretty simply, episode three is a bit like the trigger for the direction that the show takes in the remainder of the series. The episode itself doesn't start out very exciting, but it's the way that it ends that's pretty important.

and lol judging these guys :||||

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hm. maybe i shall pick it up again. even if roommate doesn't like it, i'll try to watch it!! :D

lmfao right? i can't seriously watch anything that they don't like without them saying shit. especially chu.
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Such pretty gifs. I need to watch this then. I've been looking for an anime to put up with Durarara. :D

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Yessss, give it a shot :D I hope you like it!

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I haven't watched anime in ...

... actually, years. But I'm curious, since I tend to like darker stuff and the ending and the gifs make me think that's what this is like. Where can I find this (that isn't YouTube, since YouTube drives me batty)?

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I've been streaming it, so I can't verify if the quality of the fansubs are actually that great, but I've heard yesy is the best out of all the groups working on this show right now.

However, there's also gg, if yesy doesn't work out. They tend to troll, but they get decent enough reviews.

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oh this looks really neat!! i just started university again though so who knows how much time i'll have :

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well, if you ever manage to get some time, give it a try :D

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im actually kinda tempted and im not all that about anime.. where can i watch? 8(

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You can stream it at sites like goodanime or w/e. Or if you prefer downloading it:

I've heard yesy is the better of the two, since gg are a bit trolly, but if you don't mind that, I suspect either of them would be decent.

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Put it on my anime list because it looks awesome.

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I hope you like it! :D

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I hope you enjoy it! :O

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DON'T FORGET THE AMAZING MUSIC!!! Best post on my flist. lol

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Ugh yes, I love the soundtrack. So good. ♥