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My computer is currently broken, so I will be away until it is fixed. I have no clue when that will be.

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I'll see you then Gracie!

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oh well. T_T


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eeeeee i'll miss you :C

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Nuuuuuuu, I'll miss you D:
See you then~

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Aww hope you get your computer fixed soon!
haha your icon is mesmerizing XD

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Ah I hope it gets a speedy recovery! I'll be waiting for you

*stand alone in the rain*

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we'll be waiting for your return~ ♥ :p

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Ugh! Fix it soon bb. Much kpop news to discuss!

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Hope it gets fixed soon. See you when you come back bb ♥

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I hope you get it fixed soon!

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! Hope it gets well soon!

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We'll miss you! I hope your computer gets fixed soon. :)

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D: Darn computer. I will miss you. :c <3

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Plz be back soon and decorate my Flist with bishonens. ;_;

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I hope that you get your computer fixed soon. I'll take over for you in Jungmin_aday.

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Thank you so much ♥

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Please do well ;w;

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I will miss you and your posts.

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That avatar mesmerizes me.